Helpful Guides to Delicious that you can print out:

*Create an account at or Furl to store, sort and share the web sites that you feel have worthwhile information for your students (and colleagues). Share your and Furl bookmarks with your class using their RSS feeds or referring students to your account.
Simply! by David Muir Guide
Aquaculturepda: Delicious
Furl Furled Furling by Jim Wenzloff Furl Guide
David Warlick's Guide Basics Us.ef.ul:A beginner's guide to The Next Big Thing

Social Networking/Bookmarking Tools:



frappr - "Frappr! Maps give Web site owners and visitors an easy and unique way to visualize and interact with each other. Visitors can add their name, photo and message directly on a Web page embedded with Frappr! Maps, and the Web site owner gets real-time stats on where visitors are coming from and how often they visit."

Social Learning, Bookmarks, and Annotations

*Resource -
What is Social Bookmarking? - Everything you need to know about social bookmarking from Quentin D’Souza's

Social Networking

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