How to Use This Wiki

Note from Karen: Right now pages I made are locked for editing. They will remain locked until everyone in class is up to speed on wikis! However, new pages may be added by members of the wiki. Please do not make a new page until you are comfortable with doing so.

What is a wiki? A wiki is an online application that allows you to add and edit the content of a website in a collaborative manner. The power of the application is in it’s ease of use, and the collaborative manner in which it is created.

How do I add my thoughts and ideas to this wiki? There are three ways to contribute. You can:
  • Click on 'edit this page' and add your thoughts to the existing page... you can also edit what's already there (be careful). Don't forget to save your changes. For example, you may want to click on the Web 2.0 TEAM Toolbox page on the left, then click on Edit This Page and add your suggestions.
  • You can click on the 'discussion' tab above and post your thoughts about topics that others have contributed. Do this by clicking on the page you want to comment on from the Navigation Bar on the left, then clicking on the discussion tab.
  • You can create a new page within the wiki.

How do I use the text editor? The text editor is pretty self-explanatory. The button that looks like an earth with a clip on it is for adding a hyperlink. Highlight the words you want to hyperlink, click on the button, and put in the URL in the pop-up window that comes up. Note that you can also add images by clicking on the button that looks like a tree and even videos or widget hmtl by clicking on the button that looks like a TV. The floating toolbar is useful when you are working on far down on a page.

How do I add a page to this wiki? Click on "New Page" in the navigation bar on the left.

How do I add my page to the Navigation Bar?
  • Click on 'edit navigation' - located at bottom of navigation
  • Type the name of your page in the list that is there. Insert that name where you think it belongs in the list.
  • Highlight the name you just typed.
  • Click on the link button in the text editor.
  • Make sure "Wiki Link" is checked off, then navigate to the name of your page where it says "page name"
  • Click "OK"
What if I still need help? You can email me!

How do I know if someone added to the wiki? The best way to keep up with the wiki is to click on the "notify me" tab. From there you can choose to be notified through your email or your RSS feeder.