Digital Storytelling Links:
50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story
Discovery Educator Network Blog on D.S.
Discovery Educator Network Blog on Web 2.0.
The Center for Digital Storytelling
Digital Storytelling
Is Text Enough? Vicki Davis Blog Post
Weblogg-ed - Will Richardson
Jakes Online - David Jakes
Teach Digital - Wes Fryer
50 Ways to Tell a Story - Wes Fryer
The Digital Storytelling Association

Sound Resources (please read all terms of the site):
Garage Band - music that can be used for podcasts. If there is a download button you may use it.
Podsafe Audio - music that may be used for podcasts.
Freeplay Music - music can be downloaded for non web based projects
Streaming Video:
Discovery Education Streaming - Free 30 day trial if you don’t have an account. Also has sounds and images.

Image Editing and Sharing (always site your sources):

Put Your Story Together

  • PhotoStory
  • Google Maps
  • Community Walk
  • Wayfarer
  • VoiceThread
  • Animoto - create 30 sec. flash movies
ToonDoo and Kerpoof- online comic strip creators
  • Toufee - create more complex flash movies
  • Scrapblog - Create online scrapbooks

Video Editing and Sharing